Congratulations to our finalists! -  The time for HATCH Pitch Summit 2018 is upon us. We are proud to announce the talented teams that will have the honor of joining the HATCH community on March 12th at 9:30 am.

 After the thrilling review of hundreds of applications from tech startups all over the world, the HATCH team has selected 4 finalists to take the stage at Capital Factory for HATCH Pitch Summit 2018. Each finalist will present their business plan to our kick-ass community of corporate, angel and venture investor judges, technology and business innovators, and previous HATCH pitch finalists. The potential for growth at HATCH pitch is uncapped, and we’re excited to see this years finalists take advantage of it.


CancerAid - CancerAid is a FREE app for cancer patients, that offers an integrated premium solution to US Health Systems to reduce hospital costs, improve quality of life, and allows cancer patients to live longer. (Los Angeles, California)

FairFare - FairFare is a direct booking agent app for ride shares. Riders can search, compare and book the ride of their choice within 3 steps, alleviating the need to have multiple similar apps on their phone. (New York, New York)

Valhalla Healthcare - Allevia is an AI assistant who automates patients clinical documentation so physicians can spend less time documenting and more time doctoring. (Houston, Texas)

Verimos - Verimos is building the world’s largest repository of wellness data that is collected from consumer data exhaust from wellness companies and stored on the blockchain. Combining this with a digital currency creates economic incentive to drive ongoing participation. (Austin, Texas)

The selected companies will each have four minutes to pitch their revolutionary startup before fielding questions from an impressive panel of judges, mentors, and alumni. Our previous judging panels have included, Werner Vogels (CTO, Amazon), Nicole Glaros (Managing Director, Techstars NY), Rahul Sood (Founder, Microsoft Ventures), John Frankel (Partner, ff Venture Capital), Lynne Chou (Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers), Kerry Rupp (Venture Partner, True Wealth Innovations), Patrick Eggen (Director, Qualcomm Ventures), Aya Zook (Principal, Microsoft Ventures), Ben Wilson (CTO, GE Oil & Gas), Balaji Gopinath (VP of Emerging Technology, Turner Broadcasting/Media Camp), Rick Pleczko (CEO, symplr), Stephen Forte (Managing Director, Fresco Capital), Unity Stoakes (President and co-founder, StartUp Health), and Ted Serbinski (Partner, Detroit Venture Partners).

We will announce this year's panel over the next few days. HATCH pitch is open to all who are interested in tech startups looking to change the world. Grab your seat and help us make this years HATCH pitch the greatest yet!