Digital Health




BrainCheck is on a mission to educate people everywhere about their brain health. We do that by building tools that measure and track your cognitive health with quick, fun tests optimized for mobile.



Integrated Bionics

Integrated Bionics has developed the HeadsUp Sport System, a micro-sensor with simple, yet comprehensive, analytics to help coaches not just train harder, but train smarter. We help coaches create, strategize, and successfully execute customized training regimens.



Care Angel

Care Angel is a free "virtual intelligent caregiving assistant" that calls and checks-in on your elderly loved ones by phone or landline (no smartphone required). Think Siri-for-seniors.




Luminostics is transforming smartphones into medical devices that can accurately detect and/or quantify biological targets such as bacteria and viruses, from tiny samples, in less than 15 minutes.



Connected World



Artiphon, Inc.

Artiphon is a consumer electronics startup designing creative technologies for everyday music making.



Gest is a wearable device that tracks your finger and hand movements more accurately and with lower latency than anything else on the market, allowing content creators to interact with their tools in a more intuitive way.



Sup is a social app that lets users see if their friends are nearby without the creep factor.




Notion provides complete home awareness with a single, powerful sensor and mobile app.




Aquatricity delivers a power and water control system, addressing the problems of energy and water scarcity faced by underserved communities worldwide.







MetroTech aggregates real-time traffic data from silo-ed sources, applies analytics, and publishes actionable information to mobile or web applications.




Roadgazer is a Voice-Driven Artificial Intelligence Assistant for the Car Travel.



SPLT is an enterprise-first ridesharing platform connecting people and resources to provide a less expensive, more engaging, more environmentally responsible method for moving in cities.



The connected car company: a cloud based enterprise SaaS solution for dealerships to increase customer retention and satisfaction using connected car data.